Appellate Practice

Since 1987, Gus Belcher has represented individuals and businesses in a wide variety of cases in the appellate courts of Florida. To date, Gus Belcher has participated in more than 55 appeals in the District Courts of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court, the most noteworthy of which is First Baptist Church of Cape Coral, Florida, Inc. v. Compass Construction, Inc., 115 So. 3d 978 (Fla. 2013), in which he authored the winning briefs on a significant issue pertaining to awards of attorneys’ fees.

Success in an Appellate Court hinges on two factors: issue selection and standard of review. Gus Belcher possesses the experience and skill to evaluate these factors so as to maximize the client’s chance of success. As in a trial court, oral advocacy can be an important factor in an appellate case, and preparation is the key. Having prepared for dozens of appellate oral arguments during his career, Gus Belcher has the expertise to advance a client’s appellate case in front of a panel of appellate judges.